The game is not loading

If you are experiencing problems please shut down any other programmes and make sure you have an up to date adobe flash player,if you are still having issues please contact us via support@pixelcookiegames.com

I have completed all of the levels

Congratulations on completing all of the levels.We are working on new levels so please check our facebook fan page for updates.

I did not receive my in app purchase

We apologise that you have not received your in app purchase,please contact us with a screenshot of your receipt and we will rectify the issue asap.

How can I turn off the sounds/music?

You can mute the music and/or turn off the in game sounds using the green buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the game screen.


We love to hear from our users and welcome all querys and feedback If you are having a problem with a particular game please include your user id (found just underneath the game screen ) so we can deal with your query as quickly as possible, thank you.

Email : support@pixelcookiegames.com